Artificial Intelligence

The Art in applied AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dissimilar to traditional technologies in how it is adopted, particularly with complex problems. This is only partly related to the need to establish trust and provide explainability, but there is clearly a complex interplay and a need to explore, and consider the cognitive and user experience aspects to the solutioneering. This is the art.

x-RD employ a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve neurodiversity in solving problems with AI and people, particularly as AI solutions are drawn from disparate computing, scientific and business fields. We have experience bringing together customers, technology vendors, AI specialists, technologists and researchers to create effective cross-functional teams to solve the more challenging AI problems.


Our experience

There is an increased need for full-spectrum understanding and experience to effectively develop, deploy, manage, and evolve AI approaches in the wild. Without this experience, x-RD have observed how AI approaches can easily provide incorrect outcomes over time (as the data, software and environment change), or when exposed to unknown data or situations. The complexities of enterprise environments further add to these changes.

To manage the significant risks associated with AI approaches in the wild (interoperability, engineering, trust, ethics, change management), x-RD have built experience in operationalising AI through AI engineering and experimentation with porting of AI models,  adoption of data science ethics frameworks to guide model development, and the incorporating of AI assurance frameworks to minimise biases. We are constantly evolving our approaches to build better AI systems.

Our speciality

We work with leading technology, AI vendors and academics to develop, engineer and apply new AI approaches, as well as understand technology direction around AI model automation, deployment, governance, visualisation and operations to ensure leading approaches are considered.

Sometimes we find that AI approaches to problems can be simple but the organisation change management is much more complex. We believe that the experiential component of AI development & delivery is an important aspect to improve AI adoption.

Our people have actively worked with policy makers, legislators and academics on the implications of technology and AI. This is something we are passionate about to grow a domestic industry.



  • Applied AI / Machine Learning / Data Science

    • AI solutioneering teams ​

    • AI enabled product development

    • AI engineering, pipeline design and optimisation

  • Specialised applications

    • Secure AI enabled applications

  • Consultancy

    • AI Operations

    • AI and Technology strategy and enablement

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