Cyber Security

The challenging landscape - the threat

Cyber security is now everyone’s concern and poses a significant risk to all individuals, businesses, organisations and Government agencies. As the cyber threat becomes more complex, malicious and available, and entities becoming increasingly networked – the chance of falling victim to a cyber attack has never been higher.

As motivations vary, individuals and organisations of all sizes and complexity have been affected by cyber attacks of differing sophistication and impact, but the outcomes of disruption to business, damaged reputation and costly treatment and remediation. It’s not a matter of size, but more of opportunity, reward and value for most threat actors as relatively small organisations can collect and store vast amounts of desirable data or information.

We understand that protection can be difficult as strategies and attack vectors are always evolving and organisations are unable to keep pace or cover every contingency. However, with significant penalties possible for a data breach and the potential loss of an entire customer base due to disruption – there needs to be effort and focus placed on protection and securing an organisations information.

It is common to hear that collaboration is key in the cyber security industry, but this is usually achieved between cyber security analysts and technologists and not with the people who interact with the systems.

We believe that understanding and accommodating the interactions of the users and organisations with the respective IT systems is a key aspect to achieving full-spectrum security.


In reality, the cost of implementing and maintaining a good security posture is too high for most small businesses who lack the time, money or skills to do it effectively. It also needs to be transparent and simple to extend to our most vulnerable online including children, disabled and the elderly.

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Our cyber security mission

Many organisations now understand that they need to provide a higher level of security services or have a desire to provide a more secure environment to their employees and customers, but don’t know where to start.


x-RD and our cyber security experts specialise in securing people, processes and technology within an organisation to enable a security ecosystem to be developed, and a culture of security to be the norm. We believe in starting at the core of the technology universe and improving the security of all software that is developed and extending cyber security transparently to the user to provide an enjoyable and meaningful interaction.


x-RD can assist organisations through development of a security strategy and framework to understand and protect people, processes and technology against advanced threats, identify vulnerabilities, provide training to all levels of knowledge and skill, and also provide practical and knowledgeable ways to manage personal and organisational risk.


We believe it is important to create a safe, trustworthy and secure environment for business and society as a whole, without limiting the user or business experience (the challenge).


  • Cyber Security Strategy & Consultancy

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Threat Analysis & Assessment

  • Social Engineering and Open Source Intelligence

  • Secure Software Development Practices

  • Cyber Security Education and Training

  • Cyber Security Research & Development