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Our cyber security experts specialise in securing people, processes and technology to enable a security ecosystem to be developed and maintained.

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Human Centric & Full Spectrum Cyber Security

Cyber Security at x-RD believes that understanding the interactions of users and organisations with IT systems is a key aspect to achieving full-spectrum cyber securityAll people and entities are entitled to privacy, security and control over what is shared and accessed about them online. We actively invest in research and development to identify new approaches, technologies, processes and frameworks to improve software, IT and the wider security ecosystem. Currently, this includes an initiative to secure cloud-to-the-edge and beyond (IoT). At x-RD we believe it is important to create a safe, trustworthy and secure environment for businesses and society as a whole, and a positive culture of security to be the norm.

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Cyber Governance, Risk & Compliance

Entity-based Threat Analysis & Assessments

Secure Software Development & Architecture

Social Engineering & Open Source Intelligence

Cyber Security Education & Training

Cyber Security Strategy & Consultancy

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