Societal Initiatives

Supporting our Veterans

We actively support veterans through employment opportunities and active research in areas relevant to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Veteran’s charities and Veteran’s support organisations.

We are a proud, enthusiastic and supportive employer of Australian Defence Force Reservists.


Improving diversity and inclusion in technology areas

We are committed to workplace gender diversity and increasing participation rates in the wider IT industry. 

x-RD are passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in the technology industry and our practises. We have significant experience in this area and are already investigating new practices and ways of achieving positive and inclusive outcomes. More coming in this space.

Improving technologies and opportunities for Indigenous Australians

x-RD through our people have experience connecting community groups in very remote communities, and working inclusively to tailor approaches to address the barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


We are driven to ensure culturally appropriate opportunities, technologies and solutions are available to indigenous Australians and establishing initiatives to further this cause.

Image by Ondrej Machart