Software Development

Being different

x-RD employ state-of-the-art and in-house secure and automated development approaches with experts to accelerate technology, solution and AI delivery. Agile and automation approaches are core to our business to accelerating outcomes and ensuring products achieve their desired outcomes. 

We are technology and vendor agnostic and have a philosophy of using the right technology for the right problem. Our focus is on application, backend and cloud native development and we incorporate security-as-code, automated compliance and AI approaches to improve software outcomes.

Our multi-disciplinary team of software and automation experts are passionate about open source development, edge systems development and secure software practices. 



  • Managed Services

    • Software development teams​

      • DevOps/Agile development

      • Cloud and platform automation

      • Cloud native development

      • Secure software system development

      • Edge device and cloud integration

    • Solution architecture and design​

      • Cloud native systems​

      • Application and backend systems

  • Solution Development

    • Application and backend systems

    • Cloud native development

    • ML/AI and data systems integration

  • Product Research and Development

    • Prototype development

    • Support to experimentation