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Our multi-disciplinary software and automation experts are passionate about improving the status quo in end-to-end software automation, secure software practices and open-source development.

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Leaders in Advanced Software Development, Automation & Experimentation Engineering

Software Development at x-RD focuses on agile approaches, strong security and engineering processes, and end-to-end software automation. These enable us to solve and accelerate technology outcomes particularly with complex problems involving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and ensure our software is secure, performant and reliable. Agile and automation approaches are core to our business in accelerating outcomes and ensuring products achieve their desired outcomes. We have a philosophy of using the right technology for the right problem. Our software development and automation experience is focussed on application, backend, cloud and edge development across a vast range of technologies and platforms.

Our Services

Software Development (application, backend, cloud, edge)

Cloud Automation & Engineering

Solution Design & Development

Systems Integration (including with MLOps, DataOps)

Product Research & Development

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