Defining new  technology experiences


Our passion

x-RD is a tech and artificial intelligence company with a passion of making a difference through technology. Specialising in solutions development and applied AI in the enterprise or on the edge, we thrive when challenged with complex and difficult problems.

Our multi-disciplined and expert team combined with our experimental approaches allow us to work on the most difficult of  problems to produce unique outcomes.

We believe strongly in continually evolving all aspects of ourselves and the way we work to discover new and improved ways of solutioneering. This is our art.

Our focus

x-RD focuses on ‘doing’ at speed as well as improving experiential knowledge in AI and advanced technologies.


We believe that solving complex and uncertain problems with AI and technology can only be achieved through expert experimentation and iteration in a multi-disciplinary fashion. Experience has shown us that the human aspect and other societal factors are equally important in any solution, and solutions can only be viable if they evolve with changing environments and are supported by a viable business and operational model. We only achieve this holistic approach through partnering with leaders and innovators in technology and business spaces.