Defining Innovative & Responsible Technology Experiences

Specialising in artificial intelligence, software development & automation, cyber security and applied research, we thrive when challenged with complex and difficult problems. We are motivated to make positive change through our expertise, engineering, products and services.

About Us


We focus on ‘doing’ at speed, and believe that solving difficult and uncertain problems with technology and AI can only be achieved through multi-disciplined expert experimentation, engineering and execution. The human aspect and other societal factors are equally important in any solution, and we aim to achieve this holistic approach through experimentation and

partnerships with leaders, innovators and game-changers in these spaces. Using technology and our experience to make a real difference is important to x-RD and our staff, and we are proud of our work in developing digital solutions for philanthropic causes and societal needs.

Solutions and Services

  • Easy to consume DevSecOps-as-a-service
  • IRAP assessed up to PROTECTED
  • Supports multiple tenancies for differing requirements
  • Provides access to secure software templates
  • Quick and easy to deploy IT network delivered as-a-service
  • Focuses on achieving business value
  • Offers software applications to high compliance sectors
  • Simplified approach to purchasing and procurement


  • Software Development
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Applied AI & ML
  • Cyber Security

Key Partners