Providing novel & responsible solutions to complex problems that make a difference within society

At x-RD, our passion is providing novel and responsible solutions to complex problems that make a difference. Using our skills, diverse experience, and innovation, we help our customers and wider society better understand and solve complex problems through experimentation, advanced technologies, science, art, passion and great people. Our company was founded in Canberra in 2019 by multi-faceted technology specialists,

researchers and analysts, from industry, government, and defence sectors who had a passion for creativity, high quality engineering and making a difference. We have extended experience and knowledge across Government, Defence, Mining, Healthcare and Technology sectors, and also enjoy the challenge of working in different industries.

Improving Technologies

We have experience connecting groups in very remote communities, and working inclusively to tailor technology and education approaches to address the barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are driven to ensure culturally appropriate opportunities, technologies and solutions are available through initiatives to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander peoples and other groups.

Improving Diversity

We are committed to making our workplace and IT practices more inclusive of diversity, in particular in the area of gender diversity. At an industry level, x-RD are actively involved in initiatives such as the Inclusive Naming Initiative (INI) to improve inclusive language in existing software development approaches. We are also investigating new technology roles and/or conditions to improve gender diversity within the technology industry, as well as other ways of achieving positive and inclusive outcomes.

Improving Support

We actively support veterans of the Australian Defence Force through employment opportunities and active research in areas relevant to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Veteran’s charities and Veteran’s support organisations. We are a proud, enthusiastic and supportive employer of Australian Defence Force Reservists, and are always willing to assist veterans looking to transition into technology careers in the Australia Public Service or industry through mentoring, advice, job experience or employment opportunities.

Management Team

Grant Worner

  • Experienced in start-up businesses, international private equity firms and listed multinational companies.

Daniel Riedel PhD

  • A leader in developing, innovating and operationalising technology and machine learning.

Campbell Blackburn

  • Passionate about delivering modern technologies to customers to solve novel and challenging problems.