Software Development

Software Development at x-RD focuses on agile approaches, strong security and engineering processes, and end-to-end software automation. These enable us to solve and accelerate technology outcomes particularly with complex problems involving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and ensure our software is secure, performant and reliable. Our software development and automation experience is focussed on application, backend, cloud and edge development across a vast range of technologies and platforms.


Cloud Engineering

Alongside our Software Development, our Cloud Engineering and automation experience is focused on application, back-end, cloud and edge development across a vast range of technologies and platforms.

Applied AI

Artificial Intelligence at x-RD focuses on applying and operationalising AI against complex problems in real world conditions, including engineering and experimentation. Our solutions are further designed to meet automation, decision augmentation, insight and efficiency requirements, whilst considering interoperability, responsible AI, and privacy. Co-development and the experiential component of Artificial Intelligence & operations is fundamental to improving the understanding and adoption of AI technologies.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security at x-RD believes that understanding the interactions of users and organisations with IT systems is a key aspect to achieving full-spectrum cyber security. We actively invest in research and development to identify new approaches, technologies, processes and frameworks to improve software, IT and the wider security ecosystem. Currently, this includes an initiative to secure cloud-to-the-edge and beyond (IoT). At x-RD we believe it is important to create a safe, trustworthy and secure environment for businesses and society as a whole, and a positive culture of security to be the norm.

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